Free SEO Tools for Small Business Owners

As per a survey conducted, a majority of people as well as organizations who are in some way or the other associated with make use of tools for performing a wide variety of tasks. Most part of such tasks include keyword research, backlink and link profile analysis, monitoring visitor’s behavior and monitoring rankings. The fact can’t be denied that the selection of right tools in any job not only makes your job easier, but also helps in saving your time to a large extent. As the user of SEO, you can make use of the below mentioned SEO tools absolutely free of cost. This will also help you in understanding the latest trends of the market as well as in choosing the best place for your site.

Here is a brief description of the 5 free SEO tools as recommended by a Toronto SEO specialist that will help you get better rankings for you small business website in 2017:

1. Google Trends

Google Trends help in finding out the frequency of the usage of a search-term in relation to the total search-volume of the various parts of the world done in different languages. The horizontal axis of the main graph s used for denoting time and the vertical is used for finding out the number of searches in proportion to the total number of searches done on the global level. You can freely chose regions and years as per your requirements. Apart from this, Google Trends can also be used for making a comparison between the trends of searches. It can be done for two or more terms by separating the terms with comma.

Here is a video on how to use it for producing great content:

2. SEO Quake

SEO Quake has gained immense popularity among SEO users as an analytic SEO-tool which is mainly used for Firefox, Opera browsers and Chrome. You can get information about page rank, Alexa and Google Index of any site with the help of this tool. It also works as a Keyword Density tool which calculates the number of times a keyword or phrase is used on a web page. This tool is also equipped with a parameter which effectively highlights no-follow links. Here is the best way to use this awesome toolbar:

3. Google Analytics

This tool gives detailed information about the visitors who visit a particular website. Google Analytics helps in tracking visitors from all referrers. This tool can also be used for the collection of query terms used by readers for visiting your site. These collected terms can prove to be beneficial in the selection of the keyword terms which one might have ignored before.

Apart from this, this tool can also give information about landing pages, exit pages, bounce rate, conversion tracking, page views and the number and details of new visits for your site. The wide benefits offered by this tool make it one of the popular statistics service offered to websites.

It can be quite daunting to get started with this tool, so here is quick run down of how to set it up properly from Google!

4. Google Webmaster Console

It is a free web service offered by Google especially for webmasters. With the help of this, webmasters can easily check indexing status which gives them a good chance for optimizing the visibility of their websites. Undoubtedly, Google webmaster tools offer the best options for your SEO, but you should also check Bing’s new webmaster tools as those help in fixing on-page SEO problems.

5. CopyScape

CopyScape is available free of cost for checking plagiarism. It helps in checking the uniqueness of your article by detecting the duplicate content. It can prove to be of utmost benefit for you if you accept guest posts on your blog or site. Although, it is pretty straightforward to use, but you can take a look at this short clip if you get stuck.


By effectively using these free SEO tools, you can aim your keywords accurately, examine your competitors properly and get immense help in improving the quality of your site.